Medical Cannabis For Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens - The fastest growing cannabis age bracket.

Many people are surprised to learn that one of the highest age brackets of new marijuana users are senior citizens.  And that many of the patrons at our Tulsa dispensaries are seniors.  With so many common ailments associated with aging, many senior citizens have opted for marijuana use to ease the aches and pains rather than traditional pain medicine which has a multitude of side effects as well as the high risk of becoming addicted to them.

Not surprising, historically, seniors have been the most likely group of voters to oppose cannabis.  This is also the same demographic that was taught for many decades that cannabis use was bad, with no exceptions.  It wasn't until recently that the truth about cannabis spread with the rise of independent media outlets and social media platforms that have helped activists push the message of reform.  However, new research proves that they may be the age group with the most to gain from using it. Cannabis not only eases many common ailments we get with age, it is much less addictive than narcotics, particularly opiods. Many senior citizens would benefit greatly from using cannabis with pain relief without the fear of addiction.

A Record number of seniors now use and support cannabis.  While some baby boomers used it recreational when they were in their 20s - 40s, today many use it as a pain reliever when topical ointments just aren't enough. Recent polls suggest that  'usage among adults 65 and older is up 250 percent, while adults 50-65 have also increased usage nearly 58 percent.'  In 2003-2005, only 29 percent of people over the age of 55 expressed support for legalization. In 2016, that number had jumped to 45%.

The most common ailments seniors use marijuana for is:

One of the most common health conditions that older people deal with is arthritis and cannabis can be very effective for treating arthritis.  Many forms of cannabis, especially topical cannabis products, can do wonders for seniors who suffer from the condition.

Another condition that seniors often have to deal with as they age revolves around problems sleeping.  Cannabis is very helpful in helping people fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Many seniors have been able to reduce pharmaceutical intake thanks to cannabis. We have physicians available to assist you in possibly reducing the amount of drugs you are now taking.

A recent study found that states that had legalized medical cannabis saw prescription costs for Medicare patients drop, which is a trend that benefits everyone, not just seniors!

Please consult with a doctor before self prescribing marijuana. After you get your prescription feel free to visit our dispensary in Tulsa. We have multiple locations.