What To Expect On Your First Visit To A Doctor Green Dispensary

What To Expect On Your First Visit To A Doctor Green Dispensary

Many new OMMA card holders are anxious about going into a medical dispensary in Tulsa for the first time. Don't worry; Doctor Green is ready to make your visit a wonderful experience! You will feel respected and safe. Our mission statement is: "To deliver the highest quality medicine to patients with absolute integrity

As soon as you enter a Doctor Green dispensary, you’ll notice a person behind a glass window and a comfortable waiting room. There is usually no wait at our dispensaries, but if a short wait is necessary, feel free to help yourself to complimentary teas and pertinent industry magazines in the waiting room.

You’ll need to give the person behind the glass window your ID (a driver’s license, passport, or state issued ID card. Doctor Green gives a discount to enrolled Native American tribal members and veterans – so bring your tribal card or VA card with you as well). You will get your ID back once you enter the room with the budtenders - the people who will help you shop for your cannabis products. A profile will be set up for you which includes your phone number, OMMA card number, etc. Be sure and sign up for our email list in the store so that you never miss a Doctor Green event!

If you only wish to purchase CBD products, you don’t need an OMMA card – simply go into any of our dispensaries and ask to see the CBD products. A budtender will be glad to bring the products to the waiting room for you.

Once you are asked to come on the dispensary floor, feel free to ask as many questions as you like of our well trained and caring budtenders. You will find our budtenders have passion, knowledge, and a service oriented attitude.

At present, all medical dispensaries in Oklahoma can only accept cash for payment, so remember to bring your cash, or all Doctor Green dispensaries have an ATM onsite for your convenience.

We look forward to seeing you in one of Doctor Green’s dispensaries soon!