Storing Your Medical Cannabis Products

Storing Your Medical Cannabis Products

If you are new to medical cannabis, you might enjoy learning some tips on storing the products to ensure freshness and longevity. Cannabis-infused products can have widely different shelf lives. Some tips:

Store dry flower away from light and heat; make sure the container you use is also airtight. You will most likely see dry flower displayed in clear containers in the dispensary, but you would be best advised to store it away from direct light and at room temperature once you get home –it will last longer and not dry out as quickly if kept this way.

Your vape cartridges are best stored with the mouthpiece facing downward. Storing in this method helps prevents cartridge failure, leaking and potential explosion. A well-made and properly stored cannabis tincture can last for almost forever - if left unopened away from light and heat, a good quality tincture can last years with little degradation.

The best way to store edibles is to keep them in the refrigerator. BE SURE children cannot access edibles!! It is a fact that baked goods eventually spoil, so be mindful. Candies will melt if left in heat – just like all candies. Cannabis infused beverages also have shelf lives as well. If you have children in the home, please consider a container with a lock on the exterior for your edibles!! Feel free to stop by our dispensary in Tulsa if you have more questions. We have multiple locations.

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