Seniors and Cannabis

With aging comes physical issues. Many senior citizens have opted for marijuana use to ease their aches and pains. The latest research shows that they may be the age group with the most to gain from using it. The opioid crisis has caused many to rethink the use of traditional paid medication. Many senior citizens would benefit greatly from using cannabis with pain relief without the fear of addiction. Cannabis not only eases many common ailments we get with age, but it is also much less addictive than narcotics, particularly opioids.

With many states legalizing medical marijuana, a surprising growth rate of marijuana users are senior citizens. In years past, seniors have been the most likely group of voters to oppose cannabis. However, with an aging population growing each year having the aches and pains associated with older age, many have chosen cannabis over drugs. Especially with the opioid crisis.

One of the most common problems that older people deal with is arthritis. Cannabis can be highly effective for treating arthritis.  Many forms of cannabis, especially topical cannabis products, can do wonders for seniors who suffer from the condition. Another condition that seniors often must deal with as they age revolves around problems sleeping.  Cannabis is immensely helpful in helping people fall asleep faster and sleep better. For more information on Tulsa medical marijuana and Tulsa cannabis visit our site and learn more about our Tulsa Dispensary and our Bixby Dispensary services.