Could Cannabis Be of Help in fighting the COVID-19 virus?

Could Cannabis Be of Help in fighting the COVID-19 virus? March 27, 2020 Several news stations in China are reporting some promising treatments for Covid-19, and many nations are working on the vaccine. The World Health Organization is tracking the details of more than 80 treatment trials around the globe.  The treatments range from HIV pharmaceuticals to Ebola drugs to anti-viral drugs found in ancient Chinese medicine.  So, it makes sense that many wonder if cannabis could fall into any of these categories. To be sure, NOBODY is claiming that cannabis can cure coronavirus.  Smoking cannabis will not keep you from getting the infection.  However, did you know that cannabis has shown some anti- viral properties? Scientists have explored the effects of cannabis for both viral hepatitis B and C. A study published in 2017 in the Journal of Pharmacog osy Research looked at cannabis being able to reduce symptoms of the disease, rather than changing of the course of the disease. The team looked at the anti-viral qualities of cannabidiol (CBD) in vitro . It is interesting to note that the CBD was successful in limiting the replication of the Hepatitis C virus, but it did not have the same impact on the B variety.  Although, it was noted that CBD did actually have an effect on the cells which were used to culture the hepatitis C virus.  We’ll look for further studies that will dig deeper into the anti-viral abilities of CBD against hepatitis and potentially other viruses as well.  A 2019 study in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases reported a better outcome with HIV DNA decay for HIV patients using cannabis as a conjunctive therapy.  Anti-retroviral treatment was given and cannabis was consumed along with the treatment.  One speculation at this time is that cannabis reduces systemic inflammation – inflammation improves a body’s ability to fight back against the HIV virus.  It is long known that cannabis alleviates side effects of antiretroviral therapy, including fever, nausea, and vomiting.

Coronavirus is a type of viral infection that attacks the lungs. If you have a viral respiratory infection, corona or otherwise, could smoking cannabis increase my recovery?  No.  You would be far better to use a cannabis inhaler, tincture, cannabis oil sublingually, etc. or edibles – this does not bring the smoke directly into the lungs to cause additional irritation rather than relief of the symptoms.    While cannabis is suggested by scientists to be a probable candidate in the category of potent anti-viral herbs, at present there is no evidence that cannabis or any other of the antiviral herbs can stop or slow COVID-10.  However, there are currently no contra-indications for cannabis and anti-viral treatments.  But remember, smoking cannabis could make your cough worse and your lungs more irritated.  We will just all keep looking forward to what science uncovers about the viral properties of cannabis.   Stop by Tulsa’s finest medical cannabis dispensary and ask our caring staff for assistance today.  
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