Study Suggests Cannabis Effective For Rheumatoid Arthritis

The authors of a review, “Joints for Joints – cannabinoids in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis,” are cautiously concluding that “cannabinoids may be suitable treatment for RA.” The authors also call for a series of molecular approaches that merit future clinical studies.

Outside the ivory tower where scientists continue to debate the potential suitability of cannabis for RA, countless millions are already using cannabis to help alleviate pain in their aching joints and muscles. People have used cannabis for aches and pains for millennia.

It is a plant based medicine with a high safety profile and a molecular complexity that literally defies the big pharma economics – cannabis is every increasingly living up to its potential as a medicine of the people and for the people.

Dr. Benjamin Caplan is a family physician who founded the CED Foundation and Clinic in Boston. She helped thousands of patients over the age of 65 treat their arthritis with cannabis formulations. Dr. Caplan says, “We don’t quite understand all the details of how it works, but we do know that cannabis is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and that it operates in a different way than other anti-inflammatory agents, such as ibuprofen, steroids, and even the biological options that treat RA and other autoimmune diseases. The traditional drug treatments can cause side-effects, some severe, and many of these side-effects we do not see with cannabis.

As with any medicine, any treatment results depend not just the medication product, but also the degree that the patient adheres to a regime, and their willingness to explore the different alternatives and variations. There are many types of cannabis dosages and delivery systems available now in many states. One of the great things about cannabis is the wide range of choices at reputable dispensaries to create a lot of opportunity for flexibility and success for many different types of people with a wide range of aliments. Stop by any Doctor Green location and ask about options for arthritis.

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