Cannabis Might Be an Effective Treatment for Osteoporosis

The aging process is linked to the term osteoporosis and means “porous bones.” Bones lose their mass and mineral content and become more fragile and susceptible to fractures. Some studies show medical marijuana may help lower your risk of osteoporosis and help strengthen bone tissue.

There have been historical worries that cannabis use may increase risk of osteoporosis , but researchers report those who used cannabis heavily had only a five percent lower bone density that those who didn’t use the herb at all. This study defined “heavy users” as those who smoked the herb over 5,000 times during a lifetime. In this study alone, the average heavy users smoked cannabis over 47,000 times in their lifetime. Moderate users in the study smoked around 1,000 times during their lifetime and didn’t appear to researchers as though cannabis had any impact on bone health. Researchers did account for: physical activity levels, gender, age, alcohol consumption, calcium intake, and weight.

HOWEVER, newer studies show CBD, THC and CBG help accelerate bone healing, slow bone degeneration and prevent diseases. Cannabis and osteoarthritis treatment help control osteoporosis and arthritis pain. Our own endocannabinoid system plays a significant role in growing, strengthening and preserving bone density. CB1 and CB2 receptors interact with your body’s other biochemical networks, like your immune system, they become active against bone disease.

Researchers in this study injected CBD and THC or CBD into rats with broken thigh bones. While THC did not show much effect as far as making the self-healing properties of the body to speed up, pure CBD did. Researchers noticed the CBD-treated bones didn’t heal quicker, but because of a strengthened fracture callus, their previous fracture became less likely to encounter a future break. The study showed the treated bone is up to 50 percent stronger than a non-treated bone.

Cannabinoids do appear to be therapeutic and beneficial in healing with bone injury recovery and preventing osteoporosis and other bone diseases; cannabis may be helpful as a pain management tool as well.

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