BREAKTHROUGH for Healing Intractable Chronic Wounds and Medical Cannabis Treatment

Advancing age often diminishes our body’s ability to heal. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, vascular disease, and cancer often put older adults at higher risk of developing chronic wounds. These wounds are well known to be extremely difficult to heal, so a new experimental cannabinoid-based treatment is being met with excitement as it promises much improved prognosis for millions of older adults.

A recently completed study showed an experimental cannabinoid-based topical medicine had an amazing 90% success rate in healing chronic wounds. The study is from the University of Toronto and the principal investigator of the study was Dr. Vincent Maida, a palliative medicine specialist.

Dr. Maida states, “I’m having results that are just absolutely mind-blowing. I’m actually the first on record worldwide to start applying cannabis products to wounds to help with pain management, and now showing that it can heal the unhealable wounds in very elderly and sick patients. I’m literally healing wounds that otherwise people would be dying from or dying with…When I show the before and after pictures, people can’t believe that these results are real-but they are!”

“The main issue of a non-healing wound is chronic inflammation. THC and BD and other elements in cannabis have anti-inflammatory properties. My cannabis-based medicines are rebooting the wound out of that chronic inflammatory stage, “ Madia went on to explain.

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